Welcome to the new Village Website!

The Greystoke Village website

Whether you are a visitor to the village or a local resident, this is the best place to find accommodation, places to eat and drink, local shops and activities.  Plus, we’ve added a News section where we keep people up to date on what’s new.

The website is run on a not for profit basis, with the intention that extra money goes back into the community. Details tbc. A £20 annual listing on here contributes to the running costs, such as hosting, domain name purchase, security certificates and other necessities.  Billing is in January, but you can join part way through the year at a rate of £5 per remaining quarter, so, for example, someone joining in May would pay £15.

If you run a community group, you can list for free! We have a small team (2, to be precise) of local volunteers who will be able to update the website. So if you do want a listing added, or are interested in helping us keep the website up to date, please get in touch via email:  enquiry@greystokevillage.co.uk

What’s Next?

Well, bear in mind we’ve just relaunched, so there is still some initial work to do to get this up to date!

You’ll soon see some new business listings on here, as some more local shops and services join us. You’ll also see the community side start to grow.  Once we’re happy the listings are in a good state. then we’ll look to add more features over time, such as an Events Calendar, perhaps.  We’ll let the community help guide what we do.

In the meantime, enjoy the site, and if you are new to the area, why not have a read of the Welcome leaflet – it’s a great place to start!

Corrine Green (content author) &
Simon Scott-Harden (website owner and admin)