Greystoke Flooding – a Community Record


Church Road 2015 flooding

This page is intended to provide evidence of flooding in Greystoke, especially around the functional flood plain.  If you would like to submit images or video, please email them to: stating your name, and the date the photos were taken, together with any other relevant information.  Thank you!

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel where we will upload flood videos. Please note we have lost access to the original youtube channel but our new channel is here: (subscribe below!)


This page was created in part as a result of Atkinsons builders proposing a high density 30 house scheme on the flood plains of Greystoke. There was huge opposition to this in the village (see here) and the following images place the proposed development in context:

Flooding Galleries

We have crowd sourced so many photos from storms through the years, that the page just cannae take any more … so we’ve split out the images and videos into several pages. Access them below!

Flood Plain on the 2nd January


Flood Plain on the 2nd January
Flood Plain 27/12/23


Storm Gerrit
Flood Plain after rain on 30th September (same day as the Borrowdale floods)


Flood Plain and Storm Franklin
Church Road feb 2020


Church Road


Church Road Flooding


Storm Desmond


Flooding May 2013 on the floodplain


Church Road Flooding

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