Song for Greystoke

“SONG FOR GREYSTOKE” Johnny McAleer © 2023

In essence a celebration of a village and its people. Bernie Furnival aka Johnny McAleer

I recently moved up to Cumbria with my partner to the village of Greystoke near Penrith. The village is so lovely and its people so friendly and welcoming we soon settled in and started to get to know the locals by throwing ourselves into village life and group activities at the Outdoor Pool, the Village Hall, the local Church
and the pub in the heart of the village.

Feeling so lucky and privileged to be living in such a wonderful location I was inspired to write “Song For Greystoke” as a way of expressing my gratitude to the people of the village who have made ourselves and other recent newcomers feel so welcome, supported and encouraged to be part of this very special community. The song references some of the village’s locations and attractions with one or two of the local folk getting a mention by name but the song goes out to everyone who lives in and around the village.

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“SONG FOR GREYSTOKE” Johnny McAleer © 2023

We moved up to Greystoke not so long ago
‘cause it’s Eden’s best kept village don’t you know
And the folk are all so friendly
Everywhere you go
So I’d like to dedicate this song to everyone I know

Take a stroll up to the castle on the hill
Or head on down the road to Greystoke Gill
Sit on the green, it’s so serene
And watch the world go by
Or wander through the churchyard
In the early morning light

If you’re thirsty call into to the Boot & Shoe
Ben & Jan & all the gang will welcome you
For music, fun and laughter
All the neighbours gather there
To share the latest gossip
And forget about their cares

In the village Hall you’ll find there’s lots to do
Bell-ringing, Arts & Crafts and Yoga too
And at Christmas time the pantomime
Will raise a laugh or two
As the cast all entertain you
With the crazy things they do

For a bus to town you’ll have to wait a while
Fellrunner though will get you there in style
You’ll meet like minded travellers
Who’ll always speak to you
On a day trip into Penrith
With Phil and all the crew

See all your friends and neighbours at the Pool
And the happy smiling children from the School
The volunteers and lifeguards
Will all look after you
In the summer it’s the best place to relax and keep your cool

And If history is your thing then here’s a plan:Go and have a word with Alan – he’s the man
He’ll fill you in on all the things
You really need to know
With tales about the people
Of the village long ago

So I wrote this song for everybody who
Is so fortunate to live here like we do
And I know I’m not alone when I say
“Thank you” as I do
To the gentlefolk of Greystoke
‘cause this song is just for you

Copyright © 2023 Johnny McAleer

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