Beer Tasting Notes 2023

This year we are delighted to showcase Cumbrian beers from Keswick Brewery, Fell Brewery, Hawkshead Brewery, Tirril Brewery (2 Gluten Free Options) and Gan Yam Brewery – their first time at Greystoke Beer Festival.


Fell Brewery Ghyll Bitter

Fell Brewery – Ghyll Bitter 3.4%

Ghyll is our nod to the great British Session Ale. It drinks easy with some pleasant intrigue from Amarillo hops. Ghyll keeps us grounded and reminds us that sometimes less is more.

Keswick Brewery Keswick Bitter

Keswick Brewery Keswick Bitter 3.7%

This chestnut brown ale combines four malts and two English hops giving depth of flavour. A well balanced easy to drink session ale.

Gan Yam Brewery GIT Bitter

Gan Yam Brewery – GIT Bitter 3.6%

A modern take on a classic with ripe fruits on a solid malt base with a deep amber colour. Centennial in the whirlpool and then Amarillo giving the fruitiness with a mid-level bitterness from the hot hops.

Hawkshead Red

Hawkshead Brewery – Red 4.2%

A rich, malt-forward Red Ale brewed with English Maris Otter malted barley and whole cone English hops.

Hawkshead Brodies Prime

Hawkshead Brewery Brodies Prime 4.9%

An original ruby brown premium beer, Brodie’s Prime, brewed to export strength to create a rich, complex, strong dark ale. English Maris Otter malted barley, dark malts and a medley of English and American hops produce aromas of dark chocolate, treacle sweet flavours, roasted bitterness, a surprising fruitiness and a long dry finish.

IPA / Blonde Beers

Keswick Gold

Keswick Brewery Keswick Gold 3.6%

A golden bitter with Maris Otter pale ale malt and Crystal malt give this beer its golden malt flavours while the hops give the subtle aromas and flavours of citrus and spice. a subtle citrus and spicy flavour and aroma.

Gan Yam Brewery PAL

Gan Yam Brewery PAL 3.9%

Citrus and stone fruit pale ale brewed with Citra and Enigma. Crashing through your nut in a lemon haze… Slipping down with a crisp, refreshing sparkle… Hair tousled, straw strewn and body glistening you get up… A hint of bitterness arrives, but don’t worry, in a good way.

Keswick Brewery Fox Pale

Keswick Brewery Fox Pale 4.0%

Fox Pale is our 4% hazy unfined ale. This hoppy pale ale combined UK, US and NZ hops giving complex flavours and aromas. 

Tirril Eden Valley Pale Ale

Tirril Brewery Eden Valley Pale Ale 4.0% – Gluten Free

We have made our very palest of ales, by using 50% lager malt. Then to continue the thirst quenching summer style, Saarz, the world’s best lager hops were added to our usual British varieties to give a most refreshing summer drink.

Gan Yam Brewery American Pale

Gan Yam Brewery American Pale 5.5%

A medium body and toasted malt in this punchy American Pale, with Amarillo and Chinook providing resinous pine

Hawkshead Brewery NZPA

Hawkshead Brewery NZPA 6.0%

New Zealand Pale Ale. Brewed with several varieties of New Zea- land hops . Passionfruit, mango and apricot aromas and a citrus bitterness are balanced by the sweetness of English Maris Otter barley to produce an extraordinary beer which showcases the unique hops of New Zealand.


Hawkshead Brewery Dry Stone Stout

Hawkshead Brewery Dry Stone Stout 4.5%

Rich complex oatmeal stout 4.5%. Aromas of chocolate and coffee, complex rich deep flavours from a blend of 7 malts, moderate bitterness and a long dry finish.


Fell Brewery Helles Lager

Fell Brewery Helles Lager 4.6%

Unfiltered & unfined in the classic Bavarian style, this is lager as it should be. It’s smooth and moreish with all the complexity that comes with many weeks of cold maturation. A cold one of these on a Friday evening always keeps us coming back for more.

Tirril Brewery Premium Pilsner

Tirril Brewery Premium Pilsner 5.0% Gluten Free

A superior lager, stronger and with more hop character than our Pennine Pilsner, but still only flavoured with Czech Saarz hops. Carbonated gently to compliment its refreshing nature.

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