Together Magazine October 2019

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Greystoke WI
Greystoke WI’s September meeting was a talk by Marjorie Bridgway about needles and sewing. Marjorie spoke about the history of sewing and explained how needles were made. There was a very interesting display of all kinds of needles and sewing.

On Thursday 3 October, we have a Guest Night where Michael Roberts, an Auctioneer, will value objects brought along on the evening. The Competition will be his choice of the objects brought for valuation. We will share a light supper. Members are encouraged to bring guests, but please let Hazel McGrath know.

If you would like to join WI please contact Hazel McGrath.

Greystoke Social Club
Our next meetings are:

  • Monday 7 October – a talk by Derek Storrer from Penrith Lions about their work – Greystoke Village Hall at 2.00pm
  • Monday 21 October – a slide show by Tony Warren on the Isle of Man – Greystoke Village Hall at 2.00pm
  • Monday 4 November – A talk by Barry Todhunter on Blencathra Foxhounds – Greystoke Village Hall at 2.00pm

A big thank you to those non-members from the village who supported our outings over the summer, we hope that you enjoyed yourselves and will join us on another occasion.

Everyone is welcome to our meetings and on our trips. We hope that you will enjoy yourselves and eventually become a member.

John Danks (Chairman)

Remembrance Sunday
For those who were unsure, we can confirm that Remembrance Sunday will be commemorated in its usual fashion. Rev Richard Hall will lead us in a service in church at 10.15am, which will be attended by the uniformed youth organisations, to be followed at 11.00am by the usual laying of wreaths and two minutes silence on the village green.

PCC St Andrew’s Greystoke

Macmillan Coffee Morning
Thank You to all who supported either by their attendance or by providing cakes for the Macmillan Coffee Morning held in St Andrew’s Church on Friday 27 September.

Mary Jack Foundation Trust Fund

Studying? Funding Available Grants are available to all students aged eleven to twenty-five, who reside in the Whitbarrow, Berrier and Murrah area from the Mary Jack Foundation Trust Fund.

Grants may be put towards the cost of education, training, apprenticeships, books or equipment, which would help to prepare for or enter a trade or profession.

Application forms and further information are available from Mrs E Earl (details in the Together Magazine). Completed forms to be returned to Mrs Earl by Saturday 26 October 2019.

In order to keep this fund functioning, the trustees would appreciate applications from eligible students.

Soup and Puddings
Soup and Puddings will be served in Greystoke Village Hall on Sunday 27 October from 11.30am to 2.00pm.

£6 at the door with funds going to Greystoke Village Hall.

Contributions of soup or puddings on the day would be greatly appreciated.

Greystoke Parish Council
The next meeting is on Tuesday 15 October at 7.30pm.

Does anyone have any information of the Plague Stone that is in Spillers Field in Greystoke? Guy Challand has said he will put some information together about its history for our next meeting. This will be put on a plaque for residents and visitors to see.

Roy Fisher (Chairman)

Greystoke Bingo Nights
Greystoke Bingo Nights will be held in the village hall on Fridays 8 and 22 November, 6 December and 10 January 2020.

These bingo nights are our main fundraising activity of the year and can only take place thanks to the fantastic support we receive from our local community. This being so, we will shortly be asking for donations of prizes for our popular bingo nights.

Greystoke Village Hall Committee
The village hall is one of the main hubs of the village and can only operate thanks to the sterling efforts of its dedicated committee. However, we are all getting older and need new members to safeguard the future running of the hall.

We meet around four times a year, look after the hall, stage the children’s sports day and several fundraising events in the year.

Our next meeting is at the hall on Wednesday 16 October at 7.30pm. We would love to see you there. Thanks.

Les Nanson

Swimming Pool Redevelopment Updates

With generous grants of £5,000 from the Hadfield Trust and £30,000 from Cumbria Waste Management Environmental Trust, plus all the fund raising efforts so far we have raised enough money to deliver most of what we want with the pool buildings re-building project. All being well, the contractor will start on site in early October.

The project still needs more funds to furnish the café and carry out other works. “Buy a Brick” will therefore remain open for any generous donors until the end of October. Please go to for further details.

Greystoke Film Nights
We have the following film nights scheduled for the autumn/ winter.

  • Saturday 12 October – Fisherman’s Friend
    A feel-good story about the discovery of a most unusual ‘boy-band’ set in Cornwall!
  • Saturday 30 November – Red Joan
  • Saturday 18 January – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Saturday 29 February – Mrs Lowry and Son
  • Saturday 28 March – What We Did On Our Holidays

Tickets £12 (£8 under 16) include film, supper and ice cream. Licensed bar.

Available from Greystoke Post Office or Judith Aris

Greystoke Swimming Pool Volunteers Evening and AGM

Please put Wednesday 11 December at 7.30pm in your diary (venue to be confirmed). That evening we are starting with a brief AGM and then will have a thank you evening for all the wonderful volunteers that helped keep the pool running this year.

Memories of Greystoke Pool and Playing Fields
As we move towards our refurbishment of the pool buildings over the winter, the Greystoke Pool Committee has been reflecting on how it all started.

When we have the new café next season, we would like to be able to put up a display to document the history of the pool and playing fields. We thought it would be interesting for local users and visitors to know about the origins of our wonderful pool and the playing fields. We are also thinking about a display book covering the history since the lease for the land was signed in 1966 and the pool was built in 1973.

So, if anyone has any information, memories or photographs of the building of the pool, or the wonderful times they have spent in it over the years, please would they share them with us to add to the display.

Lesley Lamb has kindly offered to gather all the interesting material; so if you have anything to share or know who will, please contact Lesley.

Swimming Pool Draw

Thank you to all who continue to give your support to the Swimming Pool Monthly Draw, supporting a worthwhile cause whilst being in with a chance of winning a cash prize; it’s a win/win!
[one_third][learn_more caption=”July’s Winners”]

  • £20-175 George & Samuel Freeman
  • £15-163 Lesley Lamb
  • £10-27 Norman & Christine Bell
  • £5-165 Mr & Mrs Murray
  • £5-73 Eileen Monk
  • £5-83 Mr & Mrs Prince
  • £5-183 Jan & Ben Mandale
  • [/learn_more][/one_third] [one_third][learn_more caption=”August’s Winners”]

  • £20-166 Mark & Alice Townshead
  • £15-115 Normand Lund
  • £10-142 Margaret Fleet
  • £5-8 P & A Binks
  • £5-25 Michael McHale
  • £5-34 Andy James
  • £5-5 Pat & Lucy Freeman
  • [/learn_more][/one_third] [one_third_last][learn_more caption=”September’s Winners”]

  • £20-86 Margot Dent
  • £15-159 George Elliot
  • £10-14 John Bridges
  • £5-107 Joan Hanley
  • £5-15 Jean Pearson
  • £5-139 G & B Butterworth
  • £5-119 Les Nanson
  • [/learn_more][/one_third_last]

    Greystoke Playgroup Toy Sale
    A Toy Sale will take place in Greystoke Village Hall on Sunday 13 October between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. Entry is £1.00 per adult, children free, with seller’s tables at £8.00 per table.

    There will also be refreshments and a raffle.

    All proceeds will go to Greystoke Under 5’s Playgroup.

    For further information, please contact Helen McGlasson

    Traditional Harvest Celebrations at Dalemain Mansion
    A celebration of all things Autumnal will take place on Sunday 29 September between 10.00am and 4.00pm. This will include apple-juicing, garden plants, horses, fresh produce stalls, antique farm machinery, spinning and weaving, and seasonal refreshments.

    There will also be a fantastic range of tours and talks on “From Bees to Beer” and “Apples to Agriculture”.

    Talks are free, and tours are £4.00 (children £2.00). A full day pass costs £16.00 and includes talks, tours, mansion and gardens.


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