Together Magazine March 2019

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All Change
As we face changes we will value every assistance possible.

We know the pattern of Sunday services will need to change. We know we can’t please everyone, even though we would love to fulfil everyone’s dreams. There will need to be some give and take, some compromise. To help us discern the best way forward we need to know what you think. This is your opportunity to help us develop.

On Sunday 10 March we will have some conversation in church as part of our regular service. We will also encourage conversations at the coffee morning in the village hall on Saturday 2 March. A short questionnaire will also be available from church and elsewhere. Any feedback, to me or John Danks, or to Shelagh Goldie, who has helped put this plan together, will be much appreciated.

Bill White

Lent Course
Instead of a formal course of study Rosemary and I are opening the Rectory on Tuesday evenings during the season of Lent (Tuesdays 12 March to 9 April) for conversation. Anyone can join us, pick a subject, ask a question, prompt a discussion, whatever. Just turn up. 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Greystoke WI
Greystoke WI’s February meeting was a talk about exercise for the over 60’s from Rachel Mills who runs a physio/pilates business in Carlisle. Rachel spoke to us about the benefits of exercise in staving off many diseases of older adulthood such as dementia, osteoporosis, cardio-vascular disease, cancer and loss of muscle mass. It was encouraging to hear that it is never too late to start and that doing something – even just a little – is better than doing nothing.

In complete contrast, on Thursday 7 March, our speaker will be Stuart Bowie, who is a magician. The competition is Something Magical

If you would like to join WI please contact Hazel McGrath.

Winter Coffee Mornings

St. Andrew’s Church is holding winter coffee mornings in the Village hall on the first Saturday of the month during the winter months. The next one is on Saturday 2 March. This will be held from 10.00am until 12.00pm, the entrance fee will be £2.50 to include a cup of coffee/tea and a piece of cake/scone. If you feel able to help, please contact Maureen Hardy.

Why not pop in and enjoy a chat and warming cup of coffee, to cheer us during the darker months.

Greystoke Social Club

Our next meetings, at 2.00pm in Greystoke Village Hall are:

  • Monday 4 March – “Cumbrian Tales and Dialect” – we welcome Dick Gargett to entertain us
  • Monday 18 March – Booths of Penrith – we will hear about how Booths have grown and how they serve the community around Penrith
  • Monday 1 April – “History of Shap” – Jean Jackson

We welcome all to our meetings, and we hope that you will decide to join our number.

John Danks (Chairman)

St. Andrew’s Church – Annual Parochial Church Meeting
This meeting will be on Monday 1 April at 7.30pm in Greystoke church. Anyone with an interest in the parish, the church and its life is very welcome to attend.

Film Nights
Our last film night is on Saturday 2 March and is a topical choice. “Swimming with Men” was released in 2018 and is a drama featuring a man suffering from a mid-life crisis who finds new meaning in his life by joining an all-male middle-aged amateur synchronised swimming team.

It will follow the normal format, and tickets are available from Judith Aris or from the Post Office. Guaranteed to be a sell out so get your tickets early. Perhaps members of our community will be inspired by the film to make this one of our fundraising initiatives?!

Prayer walks

We have enjoyed two prayer walks in the chilly winter conditions, but were warmed by hot coffee afterwards!

Walks are local and gentle through our village and surroundings. We reflect on our community, its beauty, the challenges we face, and the comfort we feel when bounded by God’s love.

Everybody is welcome: those of faith, searching, or no faith, and we love the company of dogs!

Next walk is Friday 29 March, meeting at 9.30am at the door of the church. Walks take about 45 minutes and end with coffee.

Further information from Shelagh Goldie

Greystoke Village Hall

The AGM of the Hall was held on Tuesday 22 January. At the meeting Roy Fisher stepped down as Chair and Les Nanson was appointed in his stead. Julie Boothman, Valerie Simpson and John Bridges were all reappointed as Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Thanks were expressed to Roy for his dedicated work of many years at the Hall.

The village hall is constantly in need of funds and we will continue with our usual fundraising activities this year. If anyone would like to join the committee or has any fundraising ideas we would love to hear from you ().

On a personal note I would like to thank all of the committee members for the dedicated work and look forward to working with you this year.

Les Nanson

Swimming Pool Draw

Thank you to all who continue to give your support to the Swimming Pool Monthly Draw, supporting a worthwhile cause whilst being in with a chance of winning a cash prize; it’s a win/win!
[one_half][learn_more caption=”January’s Winners”]

  • £20 Carol Galloway
  • £15 Lynn Cowperthwaite
  • £10 Janet Robinson
  • £5 Emma Holmes
  • £5 Matt Nicol
  • £5 Keith Mandale
  • £5 Kirsty McGrath
  • [/learn_more][/one_half][one_half_last][learn_more caption=”February’s Winners”]

  • £20 John & Gillian Capstick
  • £15 Barbra Robinson
  • £10 Tony & Carolyne James
  • £5 Karen Dalton
  • £5 Edith Dixon
  • £5 Bob & Denise Park
  • £5 Keith & Sandra
  • [/learn_more][/one_half_last]

    There are seven cash prizes each month and bonus draws in December. It’s £15 for the whole year – if you would like to be entered for the next 10 draws contact Emma Nielsen.

    All Aboard the Fellrunner Bus!

    Following discussions between Dacre and Greystoke Parish Councils and some feedback from residents, the Fellrunner Bus group is hoping to run a weekly bus service to Penrith serving Dacre, Penruddock Old Station, Motherby, Greystoke and Newbiggin.

    Subject to receiving the necessary permissions, Fellrunner hopes to start the service in April and run the bus for a 6 month trial.

    The services are open to all, NOW card (bus pass) holders and the under 5’s travel for free and single and return fares are available for everyone else. There is no pre-booking or pre-paying, just turn up and travel. The bus has low floor entry and a wheelchair space.

    To start with the service will run on Thursdays, leaving:

    • Dacre at 11.15am,
    • Penruddock Old Station at 11.22am,
    • Motherby at 11.25am,
    • Greystoke at 11.32am,
    • Newbiggin at 11.40am

    and arriving into Penrith Bus Station at 11.55am (All times subject to confirmation).

    In Penrith, the bus will stop at:

    • the Health Centre,
    • Sainsbury’s, King St.,
    • Booths/Morrisons,
    • Middlegate and
    • the Bus Station.

    The return trip will leave Penrith Bus Station at 3.30pm, giving passengers 3.5 hrs in Penrith for shopping, appointments, meeting friends, etc. More details will follow and a full timetable will be published once we have the okay to run.

    If you have any comments about this proposed service, Fellrunner would be pleased to hear from you and can be contacted on or by phone on 07734 529432.

    Only food which is unopened and in date can be accepted. New personal hygiene and sanitary products are welcome. However, we recently had bags of part used cosmetics and over the counter medicines left in church. We are concerned these items could have bee found by unaccompanied children. Clearly this is not a good idea!

    Voluntary Car Scheme


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