Local Hedgehog Rescue – Appeal for Funds


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Lynn Cowperthwaite has been running a rescue centre for hedgehogs here in the village for a while now. As her work has become more widely known, care has become more expensive so she has set up a GoFundMe page for donations. 

I have rescued hedgehogs for a number of years, all self-funded. I now find myself in the position of being more known and therefore getting more rescues. Either I try to get help with funding, or I refuse to take poorly hogs or orphaned hoglets on, which I know I would struggle to do!
I use lots of cat food (not fish) and biscuits, pate types for weaning, whiskers cat and kitten biscuits are best (no milk in) kitten powdered milk, kitchen roll, newspaper, good straw for bedding. I’ve just ordered another run for the garden, I use medical stuff and I would like a ‘pot’ of money for when vet attention is needed or I need to purchase things.
To my knowledge, I’m the only hedgehog rescuer in my area.  So all those hedgehog lovers out there – I need your help!
Thanks in anticipation

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To donate funds please click on the button below. To donate goods, please contact Lynn via the village facebook group

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