Greystoke News – September 2021

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  • Sunday 5 September
    – Holy Communion; Celebrant and Preacher Rev. Michael Houston
  • Sunday 12 September
    – Morning Praise; Service leader John Danks, Preacher Judith Walsh
  • Sunday 19 September
    – Holy Communion; Celebrant and Preacher Canon Cameron Butland
  • Sunday 26 September
    – Morning Praise; Service Leader Judith Walsh, Preacher Graham Simons

Everyone is welcome to our services which all start at 9.15am and are held in church.

The Church Council has asked worshippers to continue sanitising their hands when entering and leaving church and to continue to wear face coverings although singing is now permitted.

We are also now able to offer refreshments after services.

Advance Notice – we will celebrate Harvest on Sunday 3 October at our service of Holy Communion that day.

Macmillan Coffee Morning
The church is very pleased to be able to host in St Andrew’s Church, Greystoke a Macmillan Coffee Morning from 10.00am until 1.00pm on Saturday 11 September in support of that much valued and highly regarded charity.

Please spread this widely and we look forward to seeing you on that day.

Harvest Supper and Ceilidh
St. Andrew’s Church is holding a Harvest Supper and Ceilidh on Saturday 9 October in the Greystoke Village hall at 6.30pm.

Tickets will be available nearer the time.

If you would like to book tickets, please contact Maureen Hardy

Greystoke Under 5’s Playgroup
The playgroup will be reopening back at Greystoke village hall on Thursday 9 September, 9.45am to 11.15am.

After almost 18 months closed due to Covid, it would be lovely to see our regulars and welcome new members.

We have new toys and special activities planned for our sessions. The playgroup will now be held on Thursdays in term time only.

For more information please join Facebook group Greystoke Under 5s Playgroup (2021+), or call Becky on 07515 761 626.

Everybody is welcome!

Greystoke WI
We restarted meetings in the Village Hall in August with a presentation by Jim Bownass and Andrew Leech. They showed us some of their fascinating old footage of Carlisle, Penrith and the Lake District. The Cumbria Film Archive has about 300 films. Some of the footage only came to light because a solicitor was at one of their presentations and offered some cine film that they were disposing of. In the oldest film, it was moving to see the workers pouring out of the biscuit factory in Carlisle, many of whom were boys who probably ended up in the trenches. Some of the promotions from the fifties and sixties were shockingly sexist but also quite humorous as they were for inventions which seemed to be completely bonkers – like the tent which popped up on your car roof! We look forward to more of their selections in September.

Thursday 2 September at 7.00pm is our Open Night when Roy Fisher will give out prizes for beautiful gardens. There will be cheese and wine and a raffle. Could members please bring an item from their larder to go into the hampers? Entry will be by donation. Jim Bownass and Andrew Leech have kindly volunteered to show us some different historical footage of the local area.

If you would like to join WI, please contact Hazel

Mary Jack Foundation Trust Fund

Funding Available Grants are available to all students aged eleven to twenty-five, who reside in the Whitbarrow, Berrier and Murrah area from the Mary Jack Foundation Trust Fund. Grants may be put towards the cost of education, training, apprenticeships, books or equipment, which would help to prepare for or enter a trade or profession.

Application forms and further information are available from Mrs E Earl, Thanet Well, Hutton Roof, Penrith CA11 0XX (017684 84 540).

Completed forms to be returned to Mrs Earl by Saturday 25 September 2021.

In order to keep this fund functioning, the trustees would appreciate applications from eligible students.

Greystoke Parish Council
The Greystoke Parish Council Best Kept Garden presentation will take place at the WI meeting on Thursday 2 September at 7.00pm.

The Parish Council gave donations of £100 to the School to purchase a cut out Policeman to place around the Village to try and make motorists slow down, they also gave £800 to the Church and £500 to the Swimming Pool.

The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 28 September at 7.30pm.

I would like to thank the Swimming Pool committee for asking me to cut the ribbon to officially open the new swimming pool pavilion. I felt very honoured to do so. It is a fantastic facility and I thank all those involved in working so hard to make it come to fruition under the Chairman Stephen Nicol.

I wish them well for the future.

Roy Fisher

Swimming Pool Draw
Congratulations to the lucky winners of the Swimming Pool Monthly Draw
[one_half][learn_more caption=”July’s Winners”]

  • £20 – Hugh Taylor – 02
  • £15 – Alan & Janet Buckley – 40
  • £10 – Julie Boothman – 13
  • £5 – Jane Taylor – 17
  • £5 – Tom& Sam Fawcett – 126
  • £5 – John Smith – 105
  • £5 – Ross & Tricia – 25

[/learn_more][/one_half] [one_half_last][learn_more caption=”August’s Winners”]

  • £20 – Peter Trueman – 80
  • £15 – Simon & Trish Hawkyard – 189
  • £10 – T & E Blenkharn – 87
  • £5 – Mike Bellas – 89
  • £5 – Claire Hebdige – 135
  • £5 – Molleen McHale – 47
  • £5 – Judith Eilbeck – 113


Thank you for your continued support.

Fellrunner Bus Trips
Fellrunner is running the following minibus trips out of Greystoke (and Newbiggin) this summer. The money raised goes to support the bus service.

  • Monday 13 September – Kendal £12; depart 9.59am, home by 5.00pm
  • Monday 27 September – Gretna Gateway £15; depart 9.59am, home by 4.45pm
  • Monday 11 October – Barnard Castle £15; depart 9.59am, home by 5.00pm.

To book seats or get info, call 07734 529 432

Gentle Yoga with Paula
Gentle yoga improves flexibility and mobility. Allow your mind and body to relax and repair.

Saturdays between 10:00am and 11:00am in Greystoke Village Hall, sessions are £5 and mats are provided.

There are a couple of spaces still available if anyone wants to join in.

If interested in joining, please contact Paula on 07730 499 287 to confirm a place, or visit her yoga Facebook page.[/et_pb_cta][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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