Greystoke News – November 2020

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Remembrance Sunday Service Including the Two Minute Silence and Laying of Wreaths

St Andrew’s Church, Greystoke
Sunday 8 November

Conducted by the Rev Richard Hall

In order to avoid gatherings of people in breach of current Covid-19 restrictions, the annual Remembrance Sunday events will be held in St Andrew’s Church.

The congregation will be required to hand sanitise when entering and leaving the church, wear face masks and sit a social distance of 2 metres apart, and unfortunately no singing during the service. This arrangement is within the current Covid-19 restrictions. A congregation of 60 can be managed within these restrictions.
PCC St. Andrew’s church

Church Services for November

  • Sunday 1 November – Holy Communion
    – Rev Richard Hall (Celebrant and Preacher)
  • Sunday 8 November – Remembrance Day Service
    – led by Rev Richard Hall (This service will begin at 10.55am)
  • Sunday 15 November – Holy Communion
    – Rev Richard hall (Celebrant), Gill Danks (Preacher)
  • Sunday 22 November – Morning Praise
    – Judith Walsh (Service Leader), Graham Simons (Preacher)
  • Sunday 29 November – Morning Praise
    – Graham Simons (Service Leader), John Danks (Preacher)

Everyone is welcome to attend our services, all will be held in St. Andrew’s Church starting at 9.15am.

Government rules require everyone to wear a face-mask.

Buy a Cake!!!!
Church members will be selling homemade cakes from a stall outside the Village Hall on the following Saturday mornings from 9.00am until 10.00am for church funds. First come first served – don’t be late otherwise they will have gone!

  • Saturday 31 October – 9.00am until 10.00am
  • Saturday 14 November – 9.00am until 10.00am
  • Saturday 28 November – 9.00am until 10.00am

Village Support for our Parish Church
The Parochial Church Council is very grateful for the financial support villagers have given to the parish church. This support has contributed to costs associated with ensuring the building remains open and available, such things as insurance, heating to preserve the fabric, mowing of the churchyard and repairs and maintenance. Church members through their giving have ensured that the church’s ministry has continued.

The Church Council is aware that the usual avenue for this support has been through things like Craft Fairs, Plant Sales, Open Gardens and the occasional concert. Unfortunately, these opportunities have been denied to us during the Covid Pandemic. Therefore, the Church Council has decided to give villagers the opportunity to make a gift to the church if they wish.

A member of the Church Council will be in church on Saturday 28 November, between 10.00am and 2.00pm to receive gifts should anyone be willing to make a gift.

November 28 is the nearest Saturday to the day in the church’s calendar (30 November), set aside to commemorate St Andrew, to whom the church is dedicated.

Thank You.

Christmas Illumination of the Church
In these uncertain times, it is very hard to make any plans for our Christmas. Whether it is one with our own family and friends, or with our Church family, here in Greystoke. Sadly our festive events have had to be cancelled this year to comply with Covid 19 safety regulations.

However, there is one thing we can do, and that is to illuminate the Church tower once again, at this very special time of year! It reminds us, that if it hadn’t been for our Saviour’s birth, there would be no celebration at all.

Since I took over from Hillary some time ago now, in collating all the wonderful donations given for the lighting fund, it has proved to me just how kind and generous our villagers, and those from the surrounding area can be. Thank you everyone.

If you would like to contribute to the fund this year, in memory of all those loved ones who have shared so many happy times with us in the past, please send or contact me, Di Hetherington, Moss Bank, Pallet Hill, Penrith. CA11 0BY. Tel No 017684 83 712, or any Church member.

Best wishes to you all, for a Happy Christmas and let’s hope a better 2021.

Advent Window Trail
This year we are being discouraged from encouraging people to gather together which means that unfortunately the Christmas Tree Festival in church will not take place …

… BUT …

… to bring some light and joy in these rather dark times, the church is organising an Advent Window Trail.

Volunteers are needed who will place a scene in one of their windows which expresses the joy of Christmas. Each day in Advent a new window will be revealed. The scenes do not have to be of the nativity – Santa or angels or coloured balloons or a Christmas Tree are just as acceptable – use your imagination!!

Contact Maureen Hardy to sign up to volunteer to decorate a window.

Maps will be available to follow the trail.

Greystoke Parish Council
This year, with permission obtained from the Parish Council and the village hall committee, I shall be planting the flower tubs up with Violas after I have taken the summer bedding plants out. My idea behind this is just to give the village residents a bit of a lift to see these flowers in bloom which should last all winter till the Daffs come up next spring. Adam Day and Elizabeth Kinghorn will plant Icold Road I shall do the rest, it will take approximately 200 plants. I also thank everyone who looked after the flower tubs all summer.

The Parish council has been in touch with the highways regarding the speeding cars through the Village, and at the moment are in consultation with the friends of Greystoke school to find a solution, cars only go as fast as the person who is driving.

We are also still trying to take over the running of the Village car Park, but after two years we are still no nearer a solution.

We wish all our Parishioners all the best, and keep safe.
Roy Fisher.(Chairman)[/et_pb_cta][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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