2022 Flooding – Including Storm Franklin


Flooding Autumn and Winter 2022

With no named storms yet this winter, these photos show the extent of flooding from heavy rainfall. In particular the flooding photos from 7th October 2022 show the impact of overnight rain and the crucial role the flood plain plays in absorbing water. The rain gauge at Newton Rigg showed 20.4mm of rain in 24 hours up to 8:45 am on 7th October, and a 6 hour rainfall of 15.6mm.

Flooding 20th February 2022 – Storm Franklin

Storm Franklins Greatest Hits on video, including the B5288 and the raging torrent of the Petteril

Video from 20th Feb 2022 showing run-off to flood plain from B5288 entering the village from Motherby

Flooding on flood plain, and run-off flowing onto the flood plain from the B5288 at the Icold spring.

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