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Coronavirus: What we are doing to help and support each other


We live in an amazing community, which is really pulling together during this crisis. Please bookmark this page, and join our Village Facebook Group if you can. If you have relatives who do not live close by, tell them about this page and our Facebook Group so that they can access support for you if needed.

Key Information

First and foremost we have an army of volunteers willing to help. See our long Volunteer List here.

The WI Have set up a table in Howard Park (off the main road out to Penrith) where you can pick up things to borrow such as DVDs, puzzles, books. Wipes will be available. Please take care to wash hands or santize and wipe down items.

You can find a list of local shops and pubs who are delivering food, supplies and hot meals on the Shopping page here

If you have repeat prescriptions, see below for some delivery options.

If you are on Facebook then we would recommend also joining the Coronavirus Community Support Group Penrith where a lot of useful information is being shared.  You can find their website here:

Lockdown: what is shut and what are the exceptions?  Here is the government’s official guidance on what needs to shut down during the lockdown.

Emergency Help Line: for details of the Cumbria County Council emergency helpline please see this forum post:  Emergency Help Line

Cumbria Council, and Eden Council Newsletters, offering brilliant advice on issues like Domestic Abuse, Homelessness, Housing, Dementia and more. New updates every week – keep checking! Cumbria and Eden Council Help and Support

Blencow we are not ignoring you. We did have some volunteers for your area, but then we saw you have organised your own. So for Blencow please see the Blencowe Matters Facebook Page.



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If you have repeating prescriptions, you can sign up for a free delivery service.

Pharmacy 2 U offer free delivery, and some in the village use it, and recommend it:
Lloyds Pharmacy also offer free delivery on precriptions:
Boots normally charge a £5 fee for delivery, but as far as we understand, are suspending this temporarily

You can read more about some options in this recent Metro article:


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